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COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, School of the Arts. MFA in Playwriting. 2012
KYUNG HEE UNIVERSITY, Graduate Institute of Peace Studies. MA in International Politics. 2007
NEW YORK UNIVERSITY, Tisch School of the Arts. BFA in Dramatic Writing. 2003

KYOUNG’S PACIFIC BEAT (Founder and Artistic Producing Director)
Work-in-Progress, written and directed by Kyoung H. Park
– BRIC Arts Media Center, BRICLab, Sept. 26th, 2015.**
– Ma-Yi Theatre, LabFest, Jun. 2014*
– Long Table Discussion: “Queering Gay Marriage,” moderated by Stephanie Hsu, Ma-Yi Studio, Jun. 2, 2014.

Written and directed by Kyoung H. Park, produced by Kyoung’s Pacific Beat
– World Premiere (upcoming): Performance Project @ University Settlement, Jan. 2015.
– HERE Arts Center, Summer Sublet Series, Jul. 2012**
– ToRoNaDa Theatre, Columbia University New Plays Now, Apr. 2012**
– ToRoNaDa Theatre, Dec. 2011**
– Ma-Yi Theatre, LabFest. Jul. 2011*
– Panel Discussion: “On the Nature of Political Revolutions,” moderated by Randy Gener, with TALA Creative Team. HERE Arts Center, Jul. 29, 2012

Work-in-Progress, conceived and directed by Kyoung H. Park
– Target Margin Theater’s Institute for Collaborative Theater-Making, Sept. 2014*

Work-in-Progress, written and performed by Kyoung H. Park
– Brooklyn Arts Exchange, Needing It, May 2014**
– Roger Smith Hotel, Aug. 2012**
– Columbia University, Schapiro Studio. Apr. 2011. dir.: Snehal Desai**
– Ensemble Studio Theatre, Youngblood @ Pace University. Jun. 2010. dir.: Kyoung H. Park*
– Ma-Yi Theatre, LabFest III @ Theatre for a New City. Oct. 2009. dir: Carlos Armesto*

Written by Kyoung H. Park, directed by Carlos Armesto, produced by Theater C in association with Kyoung’s Pacific Beat
– World Premiere: Theatre C @ Peter Jay Sharp Theatre, Feb.-Mar. 2011
– Panel Discussions: “ North Korea: WTF,” moderated by Jesse Longman with Dr. Jacqueline Pak (Cornell Univ. East. Asian Studies Fellow) and Potri Ranka Manis (Founder and Artistic Director of Kinding Sindaw). Peter Jay Sharp @ 42nd Street, Feb. 26, 2011

Work-in-Progress, written and directed by Kyoung H. Park
– La MaMa ETC, La MaMa Moves! Dance Festival. Jun. 2010. dir.: Kyoung H. Park**
– Columbia University, Schapiro Studio. Apr. 2010. dir.: Kyoung H. Park**

*=Reading **=Workshop Production

OTHER CREDITS (selected)
OFFICE MATCH,” part of “DJ LATINIDAD’S LATINO DANCE PARTY,” directed by Mark Valdez.
– Playwright. Mixed Blood Theatre, Minneapolis. Mar. 2016

“NERO,” written and directed by Kyoung H. Park
– Playwright/director. Ma-Yi Theatre, LabFest. Feb. 2015*

LA MALA CLASE, written by Luis Barrales.
– Director. La Micro Theater / Shetler Studios. New York, NY. Nov. 2014*

COMMUNITY VOICES: THE NEXT GENDERASIAN, written by Alain Chan, Joseph F. Lin, Avinash Rajagopal, Lolan Buhain Sevilla, Ryan Shen, and Jason Tseng.
– Director/Producer. Second Generations / La MaMa ETC, New York City. May 2013.*

GLASS GUIGNOL “The Brother and Sister Play,” conceived and adapted by Lee Breuer and Maude Mitchell, directed by Lee Breuer.
– Co-Director. Mabou Mines / Wesleyan University, Outside the Box Theater Series. Middletown, CT. Feb. 2013**
– Co-Director. Mabou Mines / Sundance Theatre Institute at Mass MoCA. Nov.-Dec. 2012**
– Stage Manager. Mabou Mines / Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theater Festival. Provincetown. Sept. 2011**

LA DIVINA CARICATURA, written/directed by Lee Breuer.
– Assistant Director. Mabou Mines / Public Theater. Under the Radar, New York City. Jan. 2013.**
–  Assistant Director. Mabou Mines, New York City. April 2012.**
–  Assistant Director/Sheepish. Mabou Mines, New York City. Jul. 2011.**

ANGER AT THE MOVIES, directed by David Levine.
–  Performer. World Premiere. PS122 / COIL Festival. New York City. Jan. 2012
–  Assistant Director. PS122 / Columbia Arts Collaboration Lab. New York City. Jul. 2011**

SEX IN A COMA, written by Susan Haar, directed by Lee Breuer.
– Stage Manager. HERE Arts Center, New York City. Dec. 2011.**

WE’RE GONNA DIE, written and performed by Young Jean Lee, directed by Paul Lazar.
– Assistant to the Producer. Joe’s Pub, New York City. Apr. 2011.

WALKABOUT YEOLHA, adaptor of Inching Towards Yeolha by Samshik Pai.
– Adaptor. Columbia University, Columbia Stages @ Riverside Theatre. North American Premiere. Oct. 2010. dir.: Kon Yi.

LEAR, written and directed by Young Jean Lee.
– Administrative Intern. Soho Rep, New York City, Jan. 2010.

BIG LOVE, written by Chuck Mee.
– Director. Kyung Hee University’s Global Theater, School of the Arts and Design / School of English Language and Culture. Suwon, South Korea. Sept. 2008.

SEX AND HUNGER, written by Kyoung H. Park
– Playwright. Access Theatre & Young Minds Productions. World Premiere. Jan. 2005. dir.: Cat Miller.
– Playwright. Six Figures Theatre Company, Artists of Tomorrow Festival. Dec. 2004. dir.:Cat Miller.**

*=Reading **=Workshop Production

Kyoung’s Pacific Beat, Artistic Director, New York City. Feb. 2011-Present
Field Leadership Fund, Fellow, New York City. Nov. 2015-Present
BRIC Arts Media Center, BRICLab Artist-in-Resdence, Brooklyn. Sept. 2015
TCG Global Connections Grant, New York City. Jun. 2015
Foundation for Contemporary Arts, Emergency Grant, New York City. Dec. 2014
Mixed Blood, Commissioned Playwright, Minneapolis. Oct. 2014-Present
University Settlement, Artist-in-Residence, New York City. July 2014-Jan. 2015
Target Margin Theater’s Inst. for Collaborative Theater-Making, Fellow, New York City. Jan. 2014-Jan. 2015
Vermont Studio Center, Writer-in-Residence, Johnson, VT. Aug. 2011
Sanskriti Pratishthan, Writer-in-Residence, New Delhi. Nov. 2010-Jan.2011
Princess Grace Foundation Special Projects Grant (via Theater C). Aug. 2010
UNESCO-Aschberg Laureate, Paris. Feb. 2010
Soho Theatre, Writer’s Hub, London. May 2009-Present
Center of Theatre of the Oppressed, Int’l Exchange Artist, Rio de Janeiro. Apr. 09-Jul. 09
Global Arts Village, Artist-in-Residence, New Delhi. Jul.08-Aug.08
Arvon Foundation, Writer’s Grant, London. Nov. 2007
Royal Court Theater, Young Writer’s Programme, London. Oct. 2007-Dec. 2007
Ma-Yi Theatre, Writer’s Lab, New York City. Aug. 2004-Present
Ensemble Studio Theater, Youngblood, New York City. Nov 2004-Jun. 2012
Edward F. Albee Foundation, Playwriting Fellow, New York City. Jul. 2004

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KYUNG HEE UNIVERSITY, Dept. of Foreign Languages and Culture. Visiting Professor.
Suwon, South Korea. Mar. 2008-Feb. 2009
–  Courses taught: “Contemporary American/British Drama: Post-9/11 Theatre,” “American/British Musicals and Culture,” “Performing Arts and Culture,” “Critical Reading and Writing.”
–  Director of KHU School of English production of “Big Love” by Charles Mee.

–  SOL PROJECT, Steering Committee Member, New York City. Aug. 2014-Present.
– THE BROOKLYN COMMUNE, Cultural Democracy and Representation Research Team. New York City, Jun. 2013-Nov. 2014.
– SECOND GENERATIONS (2G), Director of Strategic Planning. New York City, Jul. 2012-Jun. 2013.
– BROOKLYN ACADEMY OF MUSIC, BAM Backstage Seminar. New York City, Feb. 2012.
–  YOUNG JEAN LEE’S THEATER COMPANY, Artistic Intern. New York City, Dec. 2009-Jun. 1, 2011.
–  13P, Marketing Intern. New York City, Jan. 2011-Jun. 1, 2011
–  CENTER OF THEATRE OF THE OPPRESSED, “Theater Forum” and “Aesthetics of the Oppressed.” Rio de Janeiro. Apr. 2009-July 2009
–  ARVON FOUNDATION, Jon Osborne Arvon Centre. “Writing to Perform” with Tim Crouch and a.a. Smith. Shrospshire, UK, Nov. 2007
–  ROYAL COURT THEATRE, Young Writer’s Programme. “Introduction to Playwriting” with Leo Butler. London, Oct. 2007-Dec. 2007
–  KOREA ARTS AND CULTURE EDUCATION SERVICE, Planning and Public Relations Team. Seoul, Jan. 2006-Jul. 2007
–  PRINCE WILLIAM SOUND COMMUNITY COLLEGE, Last Frontier Theatre Conference. “Playwriting” with Romulus Linney and Constance Congdon. Valdez, Alaska. Jun. 2004
–  PATAPHYSICS WORKSHOP, Flea Theatre. Playwright’s Workshop with Eduardo Machado. New York City, Jan. 2003-Jul.2003
–  LABYRINTH THEATRE, “Masterclass.” New York City, Jan. 2003-Aug. 2003
–  LARK PLAY DEVELOPMENT CENTER, Development Associate. New York City, Jan. 2003-Feb. 2005